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SHP recently wrote that companies from all industries will benefit from having staff trained on the IOSH Managing Safely qualification.

The course’s detail and structure equip delegates with the understanding required to implement a healthy and safe workplace, meaning a return on investment is quickly achieved.

Let’s take a closer look at why the IOSH Managing Safely is a must-have for SMEs and multinationals alike…

The benefits of risk assessment

At a headline level, the IOSH Managing Safely certification provides a basic understanding of health and safety. The more team members who have a good understanding of the importance of health and safety, the better for all workers and the business itself.

Anyone completing an IOSH Managing Safely course will also acquire the skills to assess and control risks. When accidents, or the potential for them, occurs, it serves to have someone available who knows how to isolate and reduce potential threats and avoid them in the first place.

Dealing with danger, however, is only half the battle. Understanding how and why potential hazards have come about in the first place is equally essential, and people completing IOSH Managing Safely will gain this understanding. Learning how to investigate hazards forms a big part of the IOSH Managing Safely syllabus. It greatly benefits businesses and workers alike by learning from past mistakes and ensuring risk is kept to a minimum in the future.

Another key takeaway from the certificate is the development of safety assessment practices through a point scoring system. Suddenly the suitability of workbenches, kitchen apparatus, building sites and more can be put into context as the newly qualified can judge how likely an accident or injury could occur. Applying this tactic throughout all offices and sites will contribute to improved levels of safety and reduced downtime. Improved efficiency, of course, means improved productivity and profitability.

Reduced absence

One of the most significant effects of a business with poor health and safety procedures is its inevitable hit on productivity. In the worst cases, where staff are seriously or even minorly injured, there is a period of unavoidable downtime while the member(s) of staff recuperate. This can cost businesses a significant amount of money in downtime and potential legal costs. In fact, in 2017, workplace injuries cost UK businesses £5.2 billion!

‘Sickness’ also costs businesses money and diminishes output when skilled and irreplaceable employees are absent with illness – sometimes for weeks on end. Taking the necessary steps to minimise such disruption and promote a healthy workplace is crucial and something delegates will learn a lot about when undertaking the IOSH Managing Safely course. Illness cost UK businesses over £9 billion in 2017; ensuring your management staff are IOSH Managing Safely qualified will help prevent your business from being one that contributes to this worrying statistic.

Confident staff

Elsewhere, the IOSH Managing Safely course is known to further careers. Taking ownership of health and safety within a particular business area will allow your staff to demonstrate leadership traits. Investing in staff learning in a way that benefits both the business and allows your team to feel more valued is a win-win!

On a personal level, those who take the IOSH Managing Safely naturally begin to gain more confidence by implementing what they have learned in the course. Likewise, other staff members start to feel more confident that they are safe in the workplace as there is a designated person to go to if they have any questions or worries.

Collective responsibility

One of the knock-on effects of training staff with the IOSH Managing Safely is often a sense of camaraderie, bringing teams closer together as they take collective responsibility for their health and safety in the workplace. Working towards the common goal of keeping themselves and those around them safe means staff can build on their team skills and demonstrate how their actions positively affect other staff members- essential in any business!

Value for money

An internationally respected certificate, the IOSH Managing Safely qualification provides many benefits to both staff and businesses, far exceeding the monetary investment required. With as many as 100,000 people seeking to become IOSH Managing Safely certified every year, it is worth getting your staff on the ladder to promoting a healthier and safer workplace!

How to book

For more information or to book the IOSH Managing Safely Course call Steven Waterman on 0800 193 0246 or email [email protected]

Alternatively you can view our course dates and book directly from our website 

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