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EC Safety Solutions are proud to announce that we have achieved the gold award from the Kent & Medway healthy workplace awards scheme. 

The programme is funded by Kent County Council and Medway Council and is delivered by Medway Council across all areas of Kent.  With the overall aim being to improve health and wellbeing in the workplace. The programme is designed to help employers, and their staff, find ways to be healthy whilst at work and encourage all to maintain a proactive and healthy lifestyle away from the workplace.

The Kent and Medway framework considers guidance of best practice from Public Health England, Business in the Community and NICE (looks at leadership, culture and communication, health and safety and the following health and wellbeing topics:


  • Managing Absence and Turnover
  • Musculoskeletal and Screening
  • Mental Wellbeing and Stress  
  • Stop Smoking
  • Alcohol and Substance Misuse 
  • Healthy Eating and Healthy Weight
  • Physical Activity and Active Travel
  • Environment and Sustainability

Evidence shows that for every £1 spent on healthy workplace initiatives, businesses benefit from between £2 and £32 in reduced sickness, turnover and improved productivity.

The programme has four award levels, with EC Safety Solutions being the proud recipients of the Gold Award.

The award levels are:

Bronze Award – The company needs to demonstrate that it has the infrastructure and correct measures in place to be a healthy workplace environment as well as committing to completing 10 pledges.

Silver Award – The company is required to commit to and complete 15 pledges across differing areas to improve staff wellbeing and mental health.

Gold Award -  As with the Silver award the company is now required to commit to and evidence the fact that you have completed a minimum of 30 pledges

Platinum Award - To achieve the Platinum Award you will need to continue as a healthy workplace and show your wider influence to other business and local communities.

The awards have proved a great success within the team at EC safety Solutions with many team members committing to a healthier lifestyle

The assessor's report

Strengths and Areas of Good Practice

EC Safety Solutions are a small business based in Strood, Rochester Kent. They are a health and safety consultancy providing award winning advice and training to businesses across Kent, London, and the Southeast. As a business they deliver a variety of accredited health and safety training courses, as well as carrying out workplace risk assessment and inspections for their clients.

As a small business EC Safety Solutions have demonstrated a supportive culture in the area of Mental Health, Stress and Wellbeing. The management structure allows staff to raise issues and seek support, and sources of support are freely promoted in the workplace and to their clients. Staff members benefit from knowledge which they pass on to clients around stopping smoking, manual handling and managing stress. Staff also get regular updates from the HSE. Managers and key members of staff have received and deliver Mental Health training. The organisation has also recognised some of the issues linked to mental health by promoting and supporting domestic abuse awareness campaigns and alcohol awareness. As a small team, they freely talk about health and wellbeing and there is gentle encouragement to make better choices and lead healthy lifestyles.

The business take their environmental responsibilities seriously, and get updates on air quality, have changed some of their vehicles to electric ones, and source products locally where possible. They also recycle and deal with their food waste appropriately.

EC Safety Solutions have encouraged staff to take breaks and have a no eating at work desks policy, so staff take breaks and use the break room, or go for a walk locally at lunch. The office encourages people to move during the working day, staff use the stairs and communal kitchen area. The business have recently partnered with a local gym to offer staff discounts and flexible working is offered to enable staff to attend classes. The flexible working offer goes beyond encouraging physical activity. Staff are supported with attending medical appointments and caring responsibilities by being able to manage their diaries. Management are keen on family time and work life balance. The business started as family run business and the family feel to the business has been kept as the business grows.

The business have various accredited training courses and have also been recognised as a Medway Business Award finalist in 2022. The business has certainly developed a culture that is supportive of its staff, and we wish them every success as they continue to grow. The business had provided a placement through the Royal British Legion to someone looking to get back to work. The individual was supported with their health and wellbeing on the placement and the scheme gave them valuable experience and a confidence boost in seeking full time work. One interviewee commented that working at EC Safety Solutions was bliss compared to previous employers, and because they feel valued, and are happy to work hard hoping that they continue to grow and flourish.


Having conducted the assessment process rigorously, we conclude that, EC Safety Solutions have achieved Gold for the Kent and Medway Workplace Wellbeing Award. Receiving this award is a great achievement and highlights that the site is making good progress around staff health and wellbeing.


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