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The British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF) is urging buyers and end users of PPE and safety equipment to follow their process when specifying products to ensure that they are fit for purpose.

Under PPE Regulations, buyers of PPE and safety equipment have a responsibility to ensure that the products they buy are compliant, but many buyers ‘don’t have the knowledge and resources’ to validate suppliers’ claims.

Often if products look like PPE and safety equipment and are marketed as such, it is assumed that they will provide the protection that’s needed. However, mounting evidence shows that this is not always the case, and the use of ineffective products that put people at risk of injury, or worse, is on the rise.

A solution is to ensure that your supplier is a member of the BSIF’s Registered Safety Supplier Scheme. Therefore, if you are a business or organisation in the UK that is buying PPE and safety equipment, the BSIF urges you to:

  1. CHECK your supplier is BSIF Registered. BSIF audited suppliers are compliant, competent and trustworthy.
  2. SELECT appropriate, certified and approved products. Registered Safety Suppliers can support the product selection process through their competence, capability and knowledge.
  3. PROTECT your people, your most precious asset, and help your business to thrive.

BSiF CEO Alan Murray comments: “However you are sourcing your PPE and safety equipment, checking whether your vendor is a Registered Safety Supplier is a quick and easy way of ensuring they are committed to high standards of operation and are compliant with relevant regulations.

“Remember, anyone can sell safety, but you wouldn’t buy safety from just anyone. Always specify the shield.”

For a full list of Registered Safety Suppliers, click here.


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